Our Curriculum

America SCORES is the only urban youth development program with curriculum specifically aligned with the National Council of Teachers of English's 12 Standards for English Language Arts, the National Association for Sport and Physical Education's 5 Standards for Physical Education, and the National Youth Leadership Council's 8 K-12 Service-Learning Standards.


Program Overview



America SCORES has a three step approach to youth development that has proven successful and replicable in hundreds of school communities across the country.

  1. We create teams through the sport of soccer

  2. We bring these teams into the classroom to discover their voice through poetry

  3. As a team, these ‘poet -athletes’ learn to use their voices to make change in their communities


The key to the America SCORES model is that it’s holistic, team-based and the core activities provide children with well-rounded experiences.

Why Soccer? As a popular sport requiring minimal equipment, soccer is accessible to children regardless of economic status or physical characteristics. Soccer engages youth with their peers in vigorous activity and provides a platform for teaching fitness and nutrition. Youth who play soccer also learn the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline.


Why Poetry? Poetry transcends culture and language, develops creative thinking, promotes problem solving and instills public speaking skills. Writing and performing poetry gives youth an outlet to express emotionally charged experiences that may inhibit their ability to perform academically. Creative writing also encourages a personal connection to literature, which deepens classroom engagement.


Why Service-Learning? Volunteerism instills in children a sense of compassion, social responsibility, and personal worth. Through service-learning projects, children develop leadership skills and collaborative experience at an early age. Youth apply their knowledge to group-selected community projects, which inspires self-efficacy and pride.


Who are Poet-Athletes? The term poet-athlete is used to signify the holistic approach SCORES uses to celebrate each participant’s creativity and physical activity. The result is children who experience success on the field, in the classroom, and in the community.


America SCORES LA (ASLA) works with students at Title 1 elementary schools (schools where the majority of students are on federally subsidized lunch programs due to low family income), having an increased risk of academic failure and obesity. At ASLA elementary schools, only 32% of English language learners (defined as someone who is learning English in addition to their native language) were proficient in English/Language Arts compared to 59% of the total school population.  A large number of ASLA students fall into this demographic.  In addition, only 25% of students at ASLA schools met the state physical fitness requirements. Through our soccer program, students receive more than 100 hours of structured physical activity in an effort to help students remain active and healthy.


  • We partner with schools in communities where kids have few opportunities to be athletic, creative, and make a difference in their community.

  • We recruit, hire, and train talented soccer coaches and writing coaches.  All coaches follow the detailed, yet easy-to-use curricula, creating quality and consistency throughout the program.

  • We place our kids on soccer teams, help them express themselves through the written and spoken word, and teach them that, by working together as a team, they can create real change in their community. 

  • Having our kids play soccer, write poetry, and perform service projects in their community helps them with their health, literacy, and self-esteem--filling a void in areas (sports/arts) where urban public schools are no longer able to inspire kids due to budget constraints and shifting priorities.

  • We make sure our kids have the support they need to stay healthy, in school, and engaged in their community. We do this by maintaining a support system of positive adult role models and providing continuity through extended programs for middle and high school students.

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