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Power of Poetry

Ameica-SCORES-Los Angeles-Poetry-Slam

In the fall, our soccer programs are supplemented with poetry instruction using on our nationally-recognized Power of Poetry curriculum. Students use poetry to share their personal experiences, read literary works from diverse authors, engage in peer discussions and perform spoken word poetry in their classrooms and at season-ending events.

Power of Poetry curricular objectives include recognizing differences between poetry and prose; understanding basic poetic terminology and conventions (simile, metaphor, rhythm, rhyme, etc.); identifying a variety of poems (free verse, haiku, shape, quatrain, limerick, etc.) and using these different poetic styles as templates for their own works; understanding and executing the writing process; and developing public speaking and communication skills..


SCORES teaches students how to read, interpret, write, and perform poetry. The program builds students' confidence, self-expression & teamwork skills.  As students progress towards high school graduation, our poetry lessons are combined more closely with our soccer instruction, as teams write cheers based on weekly poetic devices and start each game by delivery the cheer the teams created that week.


Power of Poetry

[Literacy and Self-Expression]

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